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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?

Tyres need regular support to ensure optimum handling, maximum mileage and maximum safety. Wheel balancing always involves the complete wheel, i.e. tyre plus rim.

Why is balancing necessary?

The weight of a wheel with rim and tyre is never completely evenly distributed around the centre axle. This makes it impossible for the wheel to run smoothly. Even small things can disturb a harmonious distribution. The tyre valve, for example, adds weight in one place. In other places, differently worn tyre tread creates further weight differences - everywhere an imbalance arises. Each of these accounts for only a few grams but develops a multiple weight force of up to several kilograms when the vehicle tyre is accelerated to high speeds.

How do you notice such imbalances?

For you, as a driver, there are two clear indications that your wheels definitely need to be balanced. A classic sign is the so-called fluttering of the steering wheel, an uncontrolled steering wheel movement that is often also associated with vibrations of the steering. Increased vibrations and noises in the entire vehicle are then also not uncommon. Both are already noticeable at speeds of around 50 mph and directly reduce your driving safety. Besides, imbalances endanger the vehicle's technology. Increased tyre wear is still the most common damage because wheel suspension and bearings or the steering also suffer expensive damage after some time.

Max Tread Tyre & Autocare - wheel balancing Middlesbrough.

How our specialists eliminate an unbalance?

In addition to experience, we bring along various tools: the classic balancing machine and balancing weights plus technology for electronic fine balancing. With the balancing machine, we simulate a fast run of the wheel, with sensors monitoring where imbalances occur. At the same time, the machine marks all points where the attachment of balancing weights creates a balance and new harmonious wheel run. In addition to this static method, dynamic wheel balancing Teesside is also possible from a certain tyre width. This additionally takes into account the exact position of the unbalance within the tyre width.

An electronic fine balancing - directly on the vehicle with mounted wheels - even records the influences of vehicle parts on the running of the wheels. The weights are then attached by gluing or clamping them to the inside or outside of the rim, depending on space conditions such as the distance to the brake system.

How often should you have your wheel balancing Middlesbrough checked?

When mounting new tyres on a rim, balancing is part of our regular work.

None of our customers will leave our Max Tread Tyre & Autocare workshop without perfectly balanced wheels.

Balancing is also recommended when you change from summer to winter tyres or vice versa. During many driving maneuvers (including mishaps like hitting curbs or driving through deep potholes), the tyres move back and forth minimally on the rims, which leads to a shift in the weights over time.

They then lose their function and need to be readjusted to prevent excessive tyre wear and compromised driving safety and comfort. However, if you notice the loss of a balance weight or the fluttering of the steering wheel and other vibrations on the vehicle, you should always come to our workshop for wheel balancing as soon as possible.

So, now you can finally stop looking online for "wheel balancing Teesside".

Our Max Tread Tyre & Autocare team is here for you and happy to help.