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Are you looking for Tyres Size for your vehicle?

Are you facing difficulty in understanding the complex alpha-numeric tyre size code?

Feel free to come down to our workshop MAXTREAD TYRE & AUTOCARE LTD. Being a reliable retailer of car tyres Middlesbrough, we offer end-to-end assistance to our clients regarding all tyre size related queries. We also help you choose the right sized tyres to ensure you can enjoy a safe car handling experience.

However, if you want to buy your tyres online, you can refer to the tyre size illustration below.

Tyre Size Explained In Details

Let’s consider tyre size code 205/65 R16 95V.


205- This number represents the tyre width in millimetres.

65- Number 65 is the aspect ratio or profile height of this tyre. It is measured in % of the tyre’s width.

R- Letter R represents the tyre has radial construction. The other types are Diagonal Cross Ply (D) and Bias Belt (B).

16- Number 16 is the rim diameter expressed in inches.

95- This number represents the tyre load index or the maximum weight this model can sustain, which is 1521 pounds. The load index of car tyres varies per model. You should choose as per the manufacturer's recommendation.

V- Letter V represents the speed index. It means that the maximum speed limit of this tyre model is 149mph. The speed index of car tyres also varies. Refer to your car's tyre placard for specific information.

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