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Are you looking for Hunter Wheel Alignment Teesside for your vehicle?

Are you looking for a reliable workshop that offers wheel alignment Middlesbrough?

End your search today with MAXTREAD TYRE & AUTOCARE LTD.

We use the advanced Hunter Wheel Alignment technology to inspect and re-align the faulty axle geometry of your car to its original condition.

Warning Signs Of Misaligned Wheels

A wheel alignment check is a must after every 5000-6000 miles. However, you may have to opt for an early wheel alignment if you come across any of the following warning signs:

  • The car drifts in the left or right direction when you drive straight at a constant speed.
  • Uneven and frequent tyre wear.
  • Crooked and juddering steering wheel.
  • Increased fuel consumption.
  • Odd squealing noise from tyres.
  • Inefficient short braking performance
  • Poor steering experience.

About Hunter Wheel Alignment Technology

We aim to provide quick and efficient wheel alignment Middlesbrough. We only use Hunter patented HawkEye Elite System that consists of 4 advanced laser sensors and digital cameras to inspect your car’s axle geometry. This latest technology generates the wheel angle measurements accurately within just 70 seconds.

The Hunter Technology proves beneficial in several other ways as well like:

Lightweight Design

The QuickGrip adaptors weigh just 6lb. This lightweight construction of the adaptors allows our experts to use them easily. Furthermore, these advanced adaptors use a spring-loaded arm to grip the tyres and eliminate metal to metal contact, preventing damage to wheel rims.

Brilliant Rolling Compensation

Hunter patented QuickComp Technology makes the process of measuring rolling compensation easier. Our experts do not need to perform a 360-degree wheel rotation to get accurate rolling compensation reading. Instead, they can check the mounting errors with just one roll forward.

Efficient Sensor Resetting

The advanced Hunter Winalign Wheel Alignment Software helps us re-set the vehicle sensors to their OEM process efficiently in no time. The software makes use of a unique CodeLink hardware device that provides live data about the vehicle and helps us re-align the wheels and the sensors to their factory specifications.

Wheel Angles We Check

When you visit us for Hunter wheel alignment Teesside, our experts will use the advanced equipment to inspect all the 3 crucial wheel angles, which includes-

Camber- The alignment between the vertical axis of your car and its wheels is called camber.

Caster- Angle formed between the steering axis and vertical axis of a car’s wheel is known as caster

Toe- The toe is an angular displacement between the wheels and their longitudinal axis.

So look no further for “hunter wheel alignment Middlesbrough” and come down to us.

For further details, please call us on 01642 939990.