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Continental Tyres

Are you looking for Continental tyres Middlesbrough? Check out an exclusive tyre collection from MAXTREAD TYRE & AUTOCARE LTD. We stock tyres from world-acclaimed brands like Continental under premium, mid-range and budget price segments.

A German multinational automotive parts manufacturing company, Continental, specialises in brake systems, interior electronics, powertrains and chassis. Additionally, they are the third-largest tyre manufacturer in the world.

Our facility comprises world-class Continental tyres for every vehicle make and model. We also retail cheap tyres Teesside, Middlesbrough.

Here are some available tyre variants you can choose from:

Summer Tyres

Made from unique rubber compounds, summer tyres from Continental offer shorter braking distances on wet roads. Thanks to their unique tread design, summer variants improve grip on wet roads offering maximum driving safety. Further, they come with optimised rolling resistance resulting in reduced fuel consumption.

Example: ContiEcoContact™ 5

Winter Tyres

Winter tyres from Continental consist of elongated honeycombs that enhance high pattern stiffness and improve handling on dry roads during low temperatures. Their compact pattern blocks increase contact between the tyre and road, shortening distances on snow and ice. Additionally, the presence of honeycomb sipes provides maximum traction on snow. They also have an aqua-dynamic groove structure that reduces the risks of aquaplaning.

Example: ContiWinterContact™ TS 800

All-season Tyres

Due to its combination of open shoulders and stiff pattern, an all-season variant from Continental provides maximum resistance against aquaplaning and helps maintain driving control. Its silica compound composition offers optimum grip and braking performance. These tyres reduce carbon dioxide emissions and provide outstanding driving efficiency.

Example: AllSeasonContact™

The list does not end here!

You will also find a range of Continental tyres Middlesbrough under the following categories from our facility:

  • SportContact™ 7 (4x4, high performance)
  • CrossContact™ RX (4x4)

You can buy Continental tyres Teesside, Middlesbrough online from our collection. Just enter your car registration number or the tyre size details in the tyre finder tool and make your selection from our expansive inventory.

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