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Are you looking for Hunter Road Force Balancing for your vehicle?

An unbalanced tyre and wheel assembly prove highly detrimental to your car handling experience. Unbalanced wheels can also cause rapid tread wear, meaning you will have to replace your tyres more frequently.

At MAXTREAD TYRE & AUTOCARE LTD we offer the most accurate Hunter road force balancing Middlesbrough available. Our workshop has a state-of-the-art Hunter Road Force wheel balancing machine that significantly improves the precision and accuracy of our service.

This machine helps us detect the faulty weight distribution across the wheel assembly most accurately and in no time. Our technicians have considerable years of experience in Hunter road force balancing Teesside services and use only environment-friendly weights.

Warning Signs Of Unbalanced Wheels

  • Unusual juddering on the seats, floorboard and steering
  • Uneven and premature tyre wear
  • Increased jerks while driving over the bumpers
  • Poor braking performance
  • Poor steering control
  • Reduced fuel economy

If you notice any of these symptoms, you must visit us immediately for Hunter road force balancing Teesside.

About Hunter Road Force Machine

The Hunter Road Force Elite wheel balancer is the most advanced wheel balancing equipment available on the market.

Fastest Results

The Road Force Elite machine prevents any manual dimension entry and eliminates runout measurement to save time. It offers results in just 70 seconds.

Eliminates Error

The patented SmartWeight Technology has a unique vision system that prevents error and ensures maximum efficiency.

Proper Centring And Calibration

The Hunter patented CenteringCheck and eCal auto-calibration provides proper centring and unmatched self-calibration. Also, the Hunter technology helps solve juddering problems with their advanced diagnostic load roller.

Our Wheel Balancing Process

We follow a very intricate process of Hunter road force balancing Middlesbrough, as explained below, for best results:

  • Our experts will first safely remove your car’s tyre and wheel assembly
  • They will mount the wheels to our Hunter Road Force wheel balancing machine and rotate it at high speed.
  • Next, they will note down the measurements that the machine generates and analyse them in detail to find areas of faulty weight distribution.
  • They will then rebalance the wheels properly.
  • Finally, they will mount the wheels back and reinflate the tyres (if required) to complete the process.

So look no more for “Hunter road force balancing Teesside” and visit us for the best solution.

For further details, feel free to call us on 01642 939990.